Team Wraps up 4,000 Mile Cross Country Run


HANCOCK, Md. - From the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco, California to the Inner Harbor in Baltimore, Maryland, a team of 26 runners have traveled 4,000 miles, and it's all for a good cause.

"The ultimate organization is called the Ulman Cancer Fund, which is an organization that raises money and awareness for young adults who are affected by cancer, and young adults being ages 18 to 39," said Muireann Phelan, a runner.

Each member knows someone affected by cancer. They dedicate each day in that person's name by writing it on their legs. Saturday will wrap up their 42 day journey. They run for three days, then have a rest day, with each runner clocking in ten or more miles per day.

"We split up into two different groups at the beginning of the day, then you run with one other person or two people," Phelan said. The one van drops them off at one point, then goes three miles down the road and drops off the next pair, then three miles down the road again and drops off the next pair. Then another van comes and picks them off the road in those same increments."

Each member has to fundraise $4,500, but most of them excel that. As a team they've collected more than $130,000 for the Ulman Fund. The runners are from all over the country, including Alaska.

"No one really knew each other beforehand, only a few people had met once or twice," Phelman said. "But now we're all just a huge family."

"I don't want it to end, so I'm kind of sad about that," said Matt Dexter, a runner. "I've met a lot of great people. The bonds that I made are never going to be broken."

The team will meet their families at the Inner Harbor on Saturday for a celebration. They also had to find food and places to sleep along the way. They said it was amazing to have such generous communities help them out on their journey.

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