Waynesboro Council votes not to place pet limit on Waynesboro residents

WAYNESBORO, Pa. - Wednesday night in Waynesboro, the council had a hearing where they heard from the public on their proposed change to a zoning ordinance, which limits residents to have four pets per household.
Many passionate people came to share their testimonies about why the council should not place the limit to four animals on the household. The hearing lasted for over an hour and the council weighed all different options of the debate. After the hearing, the council went into the general meeting where they decided it was best not to place a limit on the number of animals residents can have. They voted 5-1 to eliminate the number restrictions. 
“Nothing changes. Residents can have goats, cattle, pigs as many dogs and cats as they would like to have within the borough,” said Jason Stains, Waynesboro Borough Manager.
The council stated that even if the ordinance did pass, those who already exceeded the four pet limit would have been exempt from the rule change. 

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