"Teacher Talks" inspire open conversation amid potential strike

Greencastle-Antrim teachers have a strike date set for April 4

GREENCASTLE, Pa. - Despite having the highest paid district in Franklin County, Greencastle-Antrim teachers are speaking out for higher wages. 

Since September 1st, teachers in the Greencastle-Antrim School District have been working without a contract.

"We try our best and we give all we can to these kids adn there's been a lot of things added to our plates over the years and we're asking for a fair contract," said Elementary School Counselor, Daniel Barrett.

If teachers and the district don't reach a contract agreement by April 4th, then the educators plan to go on strike.

"The teachers and obviously the board do not want a strike but there are some reasons why we felt the need the call that strike date," said Barrett.

In an effort to be transparent and educate the community, a "Teacher Talks" was held to discuss a variety of topics.

"What's going on, where we're at, why we are standing for what we believe and what we're trying to work through with the school board," Barrett said.

That conversation even included members of the board.

"I just want to say, in fairness to the perception you had about what our tactics were, I'll be honest that wasn't a tactic. I just want everyone to understand that, there wasn't a blatant tactic and it's a challenging situation," said Board President, Jim Winslow.

Concerned parents were also among the dozens in the audience.

"How would it effect me as a community member to give you a raise?" asked one parent.

Just a week after announcing a potential strike, some teachers feel like there is already progress being made with the board.

"We know every Monday night there will be meetings and we get together with them," Barrett said.

It's important to note that a fact finder, who serves as a third party to review the contract process, recommended in their report, an average salary increase of 2.66% per year over a four-year contract. 

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