Pennsylvania prep school transforming old farm house into addiction recovery center

Officials say the plan is to make sure the area remains a safe place

FRANKLIN COUNTY, Pa. - A Pennsylvania farm house is being transformed into an addiction recovery center.

Myers Kimmel has a goal of bringing the tools that helped him recover from an alcohol addiction to the Franklin County area.

“Been through one retreat, and what an eye opener! It helped me re-establish what my goal was 10 years ago, and it's coming to life,” Myers Kimmel, Vice President, Retreat and Development, said.

That goal is to build a rehab center.

Officials with Scotland Campus plan to transform their old farm house to make the dream come true.

The original farm house has been here since before the Civil War, and now, officials are going to turn it into the Rapha Retreat, so that there will have a safe haven to recover.

Since the Scotland Campus is a preparatory school, officials want to make sure everyone is safe. A security system is already in place on the campus.

“There are already dogs being trained to help guard the perimeters and to keep things at bay from people coming in and giving people a safe place,” Kimmel said.

Officials welcome any person with an addiction.

Officials plan to provide housing, counseling, music therapy and therapeutic riding. Campus officials will also allow the center to use the school's gym and food services. 

“Everything will be here, and they are protected from the outside world, where they become well-grounded. Find yourself and be who you are - who God made you to be,” Kimmel said.

Scotland Campus is collecting funds for the project but hope to have the retreat ready by the end of 2018.

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