Officials, hunters have high hopes for Pennsylvania Deer Hunting Season

Some believe this year will be good to go hunting due to the mild winter

SHIPPENSBURG, Pa. - Kevin Fague is the Owner of the Shippensburg Armory and said there has been a steady stream of people coming in for hunting season.

“We see a lot of people coming in here getting ammunition. Some people are purchasing new firearms. A lot of people are getting their children in the sport of hunting,” said Fague.  

For Fague, he believes this year will be good to go hunting due to the mild winter.

“Since there was a mild winter, the deer I guess had a little bit better time to grow. They weren't fighting the cold as much, so potentially, the deer could be a little bit bigger this year,” said Fague.  

A spokesperson with the Pennsylvania Game Commission said opening day for deer hunting season has always been very important for the State of Pennsylvania.

“As anyone can remember, it's the most highly anticipated season. With our opening day, we anticipate somewhere upwards of 500,000 hunters participating all on opening day,” said Travis Lau, Communications Director, Pennsylvania Game Commission.   

For the hunting season, there is the threat of Chronic Wasting Disease in parts of Pennsylvania. This is when a contagious neurological disease causes deer to lose bodily functions and possibly even die.

However, the Pennsylvania Game Commission has put restrictions in place to prevent the spread of the disease. 

“We have restrictions in place that prohibit the transport of high risk deer parts from within the DMA to any area outside the DMA, and that's a measure to help slow the spread of the disease,” said Lau.

Lau is aware of the hunting risks but said he's ready to get out there.

“The anticipation of a deer being able to walk up to you and take a shot [is coming]. Being able to put meat in the freezer is always great,” said Fague.

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