E. coli outbreak traced to romaine lettuce

CDC advises people to throw away store bought romaine lettuce

CHAMBERSBURG, Pa. - According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), 35 people across 11 different states became sick after consuming chopped romaine lettuce out of Yuma, Arizona.

The CDC is now advising those who have purchased the store bought pre-packaged mix to throw it away.

Some states that have been impacted by the E. coli outbreak include Virginia, New Jersey and Pennsylvania, with a total of nine reported cases.

Locally, food experts are advising customers on what to look for when shopping for fresh lettuce.

"Different items will turn different ways. Some will turn yellow, some will turn brown faster, but as long as you go for a solid dark green color for your vegetables you will be pretty safe," said David Strong, Produce Manager at The Butcher Shoppe.

The CDC has not identified a supplier or distributor, but in the meantime, many in the four-state are taking extra steps to make sure their produce are safe.

"Every day we go through it, wash it, just make sure it’s clean every single day," Strong stated. 

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