Chambersburg now has medical marijuana dispensary

Organic Remedies plans to start dispensing on March 20th

Chambersbrurg now has a medical marijuana facility that will soon start dispensing. 

Organic Remedies on Wayne Avenue, in two weeks, will provide medical marijuana for those in the area who need it. 

For the last few weeks, people in the state of Pennsylvania have been able to purchase medical marijuana. And Organic Remedies will soon have products in stock to help their patients.

"This is really an important first step for Pennsylvania in providing alternate pain relief in medication therapies to the constituents and the patients of Pennsylvania," said John Toth, a pharmacist for Organic Remedies. 

Toth says people have to apply for a medical marijuana card from the state to purchase any of their products. To be eligible, patients have to be diagnosed with one of 17 serious medical conditions. This includes epilepsy, glaucoma, Parkinson's Disease and Huntington's Disease. 

"So medical marijuana has been able to help eliminate some of the need for unnecessary medical products that are out there. It certainly benefited them and helping them to relieve pain," said Toth.   

And to gain access into the building, a person has to present their medical marijuana card.  

"Only a patient with a card will be able to gain access into the dispensary. And there will also be caregiver cards if that patient is unable to physically come to the location," said Toth. 

Organic Remedies officials are hoping to start dispensing products to their patients on March 20th. 

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