Chambersburg Borough takes action to warn Waste Management of alleged breach of contract

CHAMBERSBURG, Pa. - At the last council meeting, the Borough reached an agreement where they would institute a lawsuit against Waste Management if they did not continue to uphold their agreement.

“That was the motion made and that was approved unanimously, and we intend to follow through if they need to. Hopefully, we will not,” said Allen Coffman, Chambersburg Borough Council President.  

According to the Borough, in 2016 they made an agreement with Waste Management that they would pick up single stream recyclables, including glass. The Borough reported that Waste Management has now sent letters to businesses, such as bars and restaurants, saying they would no longer do that starting in November.

“To change anything that we had contracted, it's just not the right thing to do. We got a good contract. We want them to live up to the contract,” said Coffman.  

Coffman said many in Chambersburg loved the original deal, because it was convenient for recycling. He said the action at the council meeting is intended to look out for local businesses.  

“A lot of the bars and restaurants generate a lot of glass -- a lot more than the general household does. It really hits them fast, because they accumulate much faster than what the homeowner does,” said Coffman. 

Coffman said he just wants the Borough to resolve the issue with Waste Management.

“We just want them to sit down with us, understand their portion of what they need to do with this contract, and as a last resort, we would take the legal means to enforce this contract,” said Coffman.  

WDVM reached out to some local businesses that received letters from Waste Management, and they did not reply in time. WDVM also reached out to Waste Management, and they did not reply in time either. 

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