UPDATE: CASD teachers threaten to strike if agreement isn't made soon

Teachers are upset about a lot of proposed things on the contract

CHAMBERSBURG, Pa. - Tensions are boiling in Chambersburg, as many teachers are still not happy with the proposed school board contract.

The Chambersburg Area Education Association informed the school district that if a tentative agreement isn't made soon, they will strike on Nov. 13.

“Nobody wants a strike. The district doesn’t want it. I hope the teachers don't want it, but we are continuing to negotiate in good faith. We will continue to do so to hopefully avoid any eventual strike on Nov. 13,” said Alexander Sharpe, CASD School Board, member.

Cindy Bowen, from the CAEA, said the teachers are upset about a lot of proposed things on the contract.

According to Bowen, she said the teachers have been asked to take a new healthcare plan, which she said many teachers would not benefit from.

“Not only are they proposing to change our healthcare drastically, but they are not offering enough financial compensation to make up for the money the teachers are going to be paying out of pocket for healthcare,” said Bowen.

Bowen said in addition to the healthcare concern, the teachers have asked for language in their contract that would prevent teachers from being relocated involuntarily to other schools.

“We had a major issue in Chambersburg a couple years ago, where a couple people were going to get shifted around. Thankfully, that got stopped in time, but we would like to see language in our contract to prevent something like this from happening,” said Bowen.

Sharpe wants the teachers to think about the consequences striking will have on the district and wants the teachers to trust the process.

“We still have seniors that want to graduate, and we don't want them to get in the crosshairs. All I ask is let the good faith negotiations continue, and hopefully, we can come out with a resolution,” said Sharpe.  

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