Winchester Woman Sentenced on Heroin Charges


WINCHESTER, Va. -  Danielle Orndorff pleaded no contest in Winchester Circuit Court for the distribution of heroin and involuntary manslaughter.

Orndorff allegedly sold Brian Bayliss a lethal dose of heroin that killed him on June 10, 2013. 

He was found unconscious at the apartment complex, and pronounced dead at Winchester Medical Center.

"Even though the person who passed away may of had some role in it, they didn't do it alone,” said Marc Abrams, the Deputy Commonwealth’s Attorney overseeing the case. “They wouldn't have died if this person hadn't given him the drugs. So i don't have a problem prosecuting that person."

Orndorff entered a plea agreement, and was sentenced to ten years in jail with six years suspended, four years of supervised probation, a $50 fine and over $7,000 in restitution.

"We have an epidemic,” said Abrams. “Not just in Winchester and Frederick County, but in the nation, of these kinds of heroin deaths, overdoses taking place."

Orndorff has another pending heroin distribution charge in Frederick County Circuit Court, and police believe that also resulted in the death of another Winchester man, Jerry Sides.

"We’re trying to do some things - I say we, but I mean a nation,” Abrams said when asked what the judicial system could do about the heroin problem. “Like maybe give immunity from lesser offenses, like a simple possession charge, if a person calls in to get somebody treatment right away. Because often a person who overdoses can be treated, brought back, and live."

It's an example of an attempt to encourage people to come forward when a potential overdose is about to happen - not run and hide from the scene.

"Beyond that, I think we do need to still prosecute vigorously, and maybe with better laws than we have here in Virginia, the people that deliver illegal substances to somebody and they die as a result of it," said Abrams.

Orndorff's preliminary hearing for the other distribution charge is on May 20, 2014 in the Frederick County Circuit Court.

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