VA Primaries in Shenandoah Valley, A Bust


SHENANDOAH VALLEY, Va. – On Tuesday Virginia will hold its state-wide primary elections. But across the Shenandoah Valley, the focus is already on the general elections in November.

"In local offices, the local parties make the decision on who they want to select to be their candidates for the ballot in November. The GOP and the Democrats have decided to have mass meetings. The Republicans have already had their meeting, and the Democrats, as I understand are going to have theirs on Monday evening,” said Joyce Braithwaite, the Registrar for the City of Winchester.

The City of Winchester, as well as Frederick, Clarke, Warren, Page and Shenandoah counties are not holding primary elections this year. But registrars in these areas say, even if voters could vote in the primaries this year, voter turnout would most likely be low.

"[Voters] basically say that it doesn’t make a difference if they go to the polls and vote; that their vote isn’t going to matter. That certainly is not the truth, particularly not in our city,” said Braithwaite.

She’s seen first hand how each vote counts.

"We’ve had a couple elections, for City Council as a matter of fact, we’ve had a councilor win by only one vote. And we have had other offices, basically for city council, local offices, that have won by only a couple of votes, a handful of votes. So everybody’s vote is important," said Braithwaite.

While registered voters across the Shenandoah Valley can stay home for the primaries, the registrars’ offices are encouraging voters to come out to the general elections in November, because, as they say, every vote counts.

To vote in the general election, you need to register to vote and make sure you have a government issued ID to bring to the polls.

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