Frederick Cracking Down on Condemned Properties

- FREDERICK, Md. - The City of Frederick is cracking down on blighted properties in the area, or at least they're brainstorming on how to get frequent offenders to fix up their properties quickly.

Wednesday's workshop between the mayor and Board of Aldermen was partially used to discuss how to encourage property owners who are in constant violation of city code to ultimately cooperate and fix up their property.

"We have to find an incentive to get them to become a part of the community. A viable part of the community," said Randy McClement, Mayor for the City of Frederick.

One idea the city is considering is to double or triple fines. Receivership is another possibility that would allow the city under the court to assign a receiver to a blighted property. The receiver would then decide the best course of action for the property.

"Receivership is really the last point of return, if you want to call it that. Which takes it to the court and let's the court make the decision as to how they're going to dispense with the property," said McClement.

Currently fines for breaking city code range from $25 to a maximum of $1,000.

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