One Dead, Two Medevaced After Multiple Accidents at Raceway

JEFFERSON COUNTY, W.Va. - A driving instructor is dead after one of his students lost control of their car at Summit Point Raceway.

"A subject was driving his vehicle with an instructor. They have a program where you can bring your own car and drive it on the track. He came around one of the turns, lost control, and then went off the track. They ran into a tree and snapped the tree in half," said Sergeant Ronald Fletcher with the Jefferson County Sheriff’s Department.

The student, who was flown to Winchester Medical Center, was the second person to be medevaced out of Summit Point Raceway on Saturday, where crowds of automotive enthusiasts and amateur racers came out of for the annual HyperFest event.

"You get your occasional bad crash over there, but most of the time these guys are able to walk it off,” said James Ott, an automotive enthusiast who lives across the street from the track. “You know, they roll their cars back to their trailers and call it a day. Mostly the track is here for enthusiasts like me and guys that do this for a hobby."

The second accident happened when two vehicles crashed into each other. One person involved in that accident was flown to the hospital.

Summit Point Raceway makes all participants sign a waiver before using their facilities.

"They do teach aggressive driving avoidance. They do actually teach driving classes at the track, where they do try to enhance awareness for responsible driving," said Ott.

While racing is a high-risk sport, officials say fatal accidents on the track are unusual.

"Usually they take care of their own accidents. They actually have medical staff on scene at the facility, so they usually take care of all that. And since it's not an actual roadway, we don't usually get calls,” said Fletcher.

"I’ve only seen people get medevaced out of there during bike weeks,” said Ott. “Whenever they're doing big bike races, [it seems to be more dangerous] just because it's a bike. You don't have a big metal box protecting you."

The Jefferson County Sheriff’s Department is withholding the names of individuals involved per the families’ requests.

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