Manitowoc Second Major Employer to Layoff Workers

- GREENCASTLE, Pa. - Officials say 100 people in Franklin County will be left without a job after Monitowoc announced it will be laying off employees.

Executive Vice President for Manitowoc Cranes, Larry Weyers, said in a statement that 'Franklin County's third largest employer' is seeing less demand for their product because of the economic crisis.

"In order to balance our factory's production with global demand, we will be reducing our work force by approximately six to seven percent beginning in January," Weyers said.

According to the statement WHAG received from Manitowoc the company is not disclosing which positions are affected by the layoffs.

These layoffs come just months after Manitowoc cut a ribbon to a multi-million dollar expansion.

Executive Director of the Greencastle-Antrim Chamber of Commerce, Joel Fridgen, commented on the layoffs saying, "Well I think that the Manitowoc downsizing is a cyclical thing, if you look at the history of the organization."

These layoffs come after another major employer in Franklin County, Johnson Controls, announced 200 layoffs late last year.

"Companies are making decisions based on their economic indicators and what they feel is in the best interest of their organization," said Fridgen.

But officials with the Chamber of Commerce don't foresee too much of a ripple effect from these layoffs.

"I think there will be some small businesses though that Manitowoc outsourced, in other words, businesses that supplied some products to Manitowoc, that could be effected," Fridgen said.

And overall officials with the Chamber of Commerce are hopeful affected employees are able to find work close to home. They say they're hopeful Manitowoc will eventually grow again.

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