Informational session about social media for parents in Winchester

Experts say parents need to be aware of their child's web use

WINCHESTER, Va. - From tweeting to sharing, and even posting - social media has become a part of everyday life, especially for today's youth.

Experts say parents need to be aware of the dangers their children might face while on the web.

"There's a lot going on with the social media that parents don't know. Children are sometime's much more informed than we are,” said The Laurel Center’s Domestic Violence Program Coordinator, Lisa Herbaugh.

The Council against Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault hosted an informational session on what parents need to know about social media on Tuesday in Winchester.

"Our intent is to educate parents about the problems that teenagers are now facing, to give them some resources,” said Herbaugh.

"Our daughter is a teenager of course, and we have concerns about the internet, and things at school that she has to deal with... So we were just interested in more information,” said concerned parent, Jim Dubrueler. 

Jim Dubrueler says he attended because he wants to gain more insight on how to protect his daughter from hazards that arise from the internet.

"An insight into what things can be done if there are stalkers... Things like that - that might happen either in school or on the internet. Tools that we could use,” said Dubrueler.

The session included presentations about sexting, and how to limit access to certain sites for children, and teens. Police officials also offered information on how to prevent, or handle cyber bullying.

"Bullying itself is not a crime, but there's certain elements that become a crime, and it's to teach parents what those elements of it is so that they can be on the lookout for it…parent's need to know what happens when their not always watching their kids," said Lieutenant Tonya Kittoe of the Frederick County Sheriff's Office.

According to statistics - 21.5 million teens have experienced cyber bullying in the US.
90 % of those teens won't tell their parents, or an adult the truth.

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