Free Program Helps Patients Monitor Cardiac Issues


HAGERSTOWN, Md. - Heart disease is not the only number one killer of women in the nation, but also the number one reason why patients end up in the hospital.

Heart disease affects men and women of all ages; it can always be treated but not cured.

Cardiologists never like to see their patients in the hospital but sometimes, it cannot be controlled.

"One of the most common causes in the United States is damage to the left ventricle from a heart attack. Other things are such as hypertension, high blood pressure which goes untreated or caused by some bacterial infections and alcoholism," said Pamela Peitz, program manager of cardiac rehab.

Meritus Health offers a free Congestive Heart Failure Program, an exercise facility that offers continuous cardiac rehab.

Patients work with a full-time registered nurse where they get their blood pressure monitored, as well as long-term care until they fully recover.

However, patients cannot always rely on the program; they have to make modified lifestyles.

"Smoking, exercising regularly, maintaining their weight, eating a heart healthy diet, making sure blood pressure is controlled and cholesterol level is controlled," adds Peitz.

Each week, the nurse will contact the patients if any concerns come up regarding their medication changes or new symptoms.

While patients receive constant attention, it gives reassurance for patients to live a better quality of life.

The Heart Failure Program is free. If you or know anyone that is suffering from congestive heart failure and needs cardiac rehab, click here.


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