Fourth Grade Cancer Survivor Raises Awareness

- FREDERICK COUNTY, Md. - Nine-year-old Dena Rovito is offering a helping hand to raise awareness for children who have cancer.

“I'm kind, I'm nice, I'm a good singer, dancer and I'm very good a gymnastics,” said Dena Rovito of Frederick County, Maryland.

Dena is also a cancer survivor, and is now in fourth grade.

 “At about five-months-old, they officially diagnosed her with something called Hormones Syndrome, and we went to find the root cause of that and that's when they told us she had Neuroblastoma,” said Dena’s mom Lori Rovito.

Dena is the lead singer of her band at the Frederick Rock School, and will be performing at a concert Saturday with nearly 150 other local students at the Brunswick Fire Hall. She’ll be raising awareness with the group through Journey 4 A Cure. Some say they’ll do it by shaving their heads.

“Her tag line for it was I'm choosing to shave my head for those who don't have a choice, and so I told her I’d do it with her and some of the other kids will do it,” said Donna McCauley of Journey 4 A Cure.

Donna will shave her head with her daughter, who is in one of the bands performing.

Dena says she’s not shaving her head because her hair is her favorite thing about herself, but she says she that other children need her support.

Her mom knows first hand how important childhood cancer research is.

“Dena was blessed with having a favorable strand and truly research is the single thing that differentiated those two things over the last few decades,” said Rovito.

Dena’s been cancer free for four years now.

“My right eye was like this, that's why my eyes are different colors and my pupils are different sizes and my hands are different sizes too,” said Dena. 

Dena's battle has made her stronger and it’s something she’ll carry with her wherever she goes, no matter whose hand she holds.

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