Former Woolen Mill Converted into Newly Renovated Restaurant


CLEAR BROOK, Va. - What was once a woolen mill is now a restaurant with a whole lot of history. 

The Woolen Mills Grill located on Martinsburg Pike opened its doors for the first time Monday morning

Many community members poured in when the clock struck 11 a.m., hoping to breathe in a piece of history.

"It brings back history!", said Donnie Newcome, previous mill worker.

The history of the mill has carried on and community members have memories of the place as if it was still there yesterday.

Newcome added, "In the evenings, I actually used to work as a weaver in the loom department and weaving department, and then one summer, I worked over at the park mowing grass and taking care of the pool."

There was also a separate woolen shop that sold high-quality women's clothing. Since the mill was open during World War Two, military blankets were also made.

"There's a lot of people that live here that worked at the mill. My parents worked here, my brother worked here, and I worked here as well," added Newcome.

The owner of the restaurant, Uday Subramanian was not available to speak on camera and said he did renovate the building but decided to keep certain parts the way they were to preserve history.

"Well, I just like the log building. I love the way they restored it and it's just wonderful. We'll certainly be coming here all the time," added Jean Sowers, who lived across from the mill.

Michael Hicks, an electrical contractor with the restaurant said, "Well, we tried to save some of the wiring, some of the old parts but it was too degraded so we had to start from scratch and we took everything out." 

The woolen mill and shop eventually closed in the 1970's from economic strains but it is still a piece of memory many still live through.

Clear Brook Park previously a recreation facility for the mill employees. It even included a pool which is now turned into a lake.

The official grand open of the restaurant will take place sometime next week.

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