Emmitsburg Ambulance Volunteer Company Temporarily Suspended

- EMMITSBURG, Md. - Volunteers at the Emmitsburg Volunteer Ambulance Co. No. 26 had to hang up their gear after the Frederick County Commissioner's Office ordered a temporary suspension earlier this week.

"We have some leadership issues that we're going to deal with right now. We're going to take this time that we were suspended to work on training," said Mary Lou Little, President of the Emmitsburg Volunteer Ambulance Co.

The suspension comes after the company failed to meet Frederick County code standards. Currently the company has eight staff members and needs ten. They also failed eight of twenty-two calls for which they were second due responders, an issue stemming from under staffing.

Patsy Wetzel, who's husband is a heart patient, was surprised to see Vigilant Hose Co No. 6 respond to her call the night her husband needed assistance.

"I called 911 expecting our local ambulance...but a red ambulance from I guess from the Vigilant Hose Company came. I feel like we're being deprived our our local volunteers," said Patsy Wetzel, an Emmitsburg local.

The county commissioners allocated funds from the fiscal year 2014 budget to both Emmitsburg Ambulance Co. and Vigilant Hose Co. but now that Vigilant Hose is considered the primary responder, they received certain funds allocated only to personnel handling first due calls.

"Currently company six in Emmitsburg is now the first due responder. The first due responder is the company that receives ambulance billing and subscription club," said Blaine Young, President of the Board of County Commissioners in Frederick County.

The next re-evaluation for Emmitsburg Ambulance Co. is at the end of June. By then, they hope to have more personnel trained and their ducks lined in a row.

Anyone qualified and interested in volunteering with Emmitsburg Volunteer Ambulance Co. can call 301-447-6626 for more information.

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