Emeritus Helps Combat Senior Malnutrition in 60 Day Campaign

- HAGERSTOWN, Md. - In honor of National Food Month, Emeritus Senior Living, the largest assisted living care facility is participating in a nationwide effort to help combat senior malnutrition by delivering meals in their homes.

According to the American Academy of Family Physicians, four million seniors in America suffer from poor nutrition.

To help with that, Emeritus has delivered 30 meals so far.

"Generally, we do it two days of the week and on those set days, it's either four or five meals that we can provide depending on the distsance of where the visits are," said Laura Stouffer, community relations director.

However, it is not just meals that are brought to their doorsteps, it is the company they look forward to.

Stouffer says lack of transportation, families living faraway, and a disinterest in cooking are reasons leading to malnutrition.

"They get very excited that someone's coming to see them. They always enjoy telling us usually their life history, and how they got to Hagerstown if they're not from here. It's actually really enjoyable for us as well learning the residents in the community," said Stouffer. 

The meals do take a long time to prepare in the steamy kitchen, but those who cook the meals say it is a rewarding feeling.

"It gives you a very good feeling. It makes you feel like you've really made a difference in their day to see them smile. They like to talk, so I very much enjoy it," said Don Hornberger, dining services director.

It is enjoyment in the form of a meal with a bow tie and a heartwarming note attached.

The Emeritus 10,000 meals program is an extension of their "Home Visits" program where dedicated senior professionals visit people in their home to identify where they could use help and connect them with the services they need.

If you know a senior who is in need of these services, click here.


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