Cleanup Underway After Powerful Storm Left Thousands without Power

- WHAG NEWS - The four-state region is cleaning up after Tuesday night's powerful storm that left thousands without power and many with damaged homes. 

In Frederick, W. 12th Street was struck the hardest. The high winds uprooted several trees, with one landing on the roof of a house. 

Residents said the trees are more than 100 years old. Mayor Randy McClement said they'll have crews working throughout the day, cleaning up the debris. 

Right now three roads, W. 12th Street, one lane on Motter Avenue and Shookstown Road are shut down. 

"I got seven crews out here right now, running around trying to clear, we got three roads that are still impassable that we are working on. The worst is here at West 12th Street, where there are four major trees that have fallen and one is in someone's house," said Mayor Randy McClement. 

The mayor asks that residents be patient as they work to repair all of the damages.

No was was reported injured during the storm. 

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