21-Month-Old Was Victim of Abuse Before Death, Documents Show

- FREDERICK COUNTY, Md. - Officials have released new details in a case of deadly child abuse from Friday night. 

Frankie and Stephanie Williams are both charged with child abuse in the death of their 21-month-old daughter. The two are being held on $1 million bond each. 

Frankie Williams was arrested on Friday, while Stephanie was taken into custody on Monday. 

Investigators believe Frankie caused the little girl's injuries, and say Stephanie knew about the abuse but failed to get immediate medical assistance for the child. 

Court documents obtained by WHAG also reveal that the child was in foster care for nearly two years, and the couple only regained custody of her three weeks ago.

Frankie Williams is facing child abuse resulting in death and the little girls mother is facing child abuse resulting in physical injury. 

Court documents show it wasn't the first time the little girl was a victim of abuse.

"There are allegations of previous abuse at the hands of her father and possibly her mother that part of the investigation is open and on going," said Lt. Clark Pennington of the Frederick Police Department. 
Court documents state at just four-months-old, the daughter Anayah was abused, suffering a fractured skull and rib, while both parents were home with her. The child was in foster care after that up until three weeks ago.

"This is a very heinous assault on a 21-month-old child. This is probably one of the worst child abuse cases that I've seen," said Pennington. 

According to documents Williams admitted to police that he not only abused Anayah, but also abused his five-month old daughter. Documents state the man said he punched her in the stomach "very hard," just last week.
The couple's five-month-old child was taken into custody of Child Protective Cervices at Frederick Memorial Hospital the night Anayah died.  

Williams was at a hearing trying to regain custody of her five-month-old, and after she was arrested and charged with first-degree child abuse of Anayah. 

"Both parents in the case have been arrested, charged and both are being held at the Frederick County Adult Detention Center on a $1 million bond," said Pennington. 

The investigation now continues, as law enforcement officials look into the extent of the horrific abuse the couple's two little girls suffered. 

The parents weren't criminally charged after Anayah's fractured skull, but officials say they're looking into every past incident of possible abuse as they investigate the case. The two could face additional charges as the case unravels. 

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