Frederick Mayor meets with Bidders for Creek Construction

- FREDERICK, Md. - The beginning of ‘Phase II’ construction of the Carroll Creek Linear Park could be getting closer. Mayor Randy McClement and the Board of Alderman met with bidders for the project Thursday at City Hall. Phase I of construction brought in nearly $55m to the City of Frederick. Mayor McClement says the City has had plans to build up the rest of the Carroll Creek area and that it would bring new jobs and businesses to the area.

“The idea is to try and make it so people can not only live here, but work here too. So, having the ability to have new commercial entities and hopefully those companies that can come in and pay wages that you're paid down the road, so they don't have to go down the road anymore,” says Frederick Mayor Randy McClement.

Some businesses in the area say they’ve been waiting for it.

“I think it's going to be a huge asset for the whole East side of Fredrick. It's going to be a connection between the fairgrounds and Downtown,” says Robert McCutcheon, of McCutcheon’s Apple Products. “Now, to expand downtown Frederick, our vision is really to see Frederick expand far into the East side so we have a vibrant wonderful town for everyone to enjoy.”

McCutcheon’s plans to expand its retail shop after phase II of the Carroll Creek construction. Locals say they’re excited that time could be coming closer.

“I like the wide open spaces too, but there are some buildings run down too. They don't look so nice, and I think I'm being nice calling it that, and it would be nice to build that up and have what we have here,” says Frederick resident David Webber.

Mayor McClement says the project would bring in nearly $40m, on a $13m project.

“Plus, we don't know the added revenue of what phase II does to phase I. So, now you have more people walking past the first phase to get to the second, so I think we're going to see a larger, a good size economic generator out of this,” says Mayor McClement.  

No date has been set yet to begin construction; bid discussions are underway.

The mayor says he’d also like to help the City grow by strengthening the housing market, he says it’s at one of its lowest points right now. He also says he’d like to see plans for the downtown hotel to move forward.

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