Mother Remembers Son after 2004 July Tragedy


WHAG NEWS - Ten years ago on July 4, a Berkeley Springs family lost their little boy in a tragic accident in Ocean City, Maryland. 

It's a parent's worst nightmare and it happened right before Wendy Sauer's eyes.

"We saw this vehicle coming, and you know my ex-husband said 'look out' and that quick, she had hit us. I mean he said it and that quick, it was just too late," said Sauer. 

On July 4, 2004 Sauer's baby boy, Ryan Greene, was killed after a pregnant driver ran into him and his brothers as the family returned from watching fireworks in Ocean City.

"She was going pretty fast, she drove up on the curve, hitting all of the children, which knocked the children into my ex-husband and I," explained Sauer. "Actually it killed both of my children, but they were able to bring Richard back, but unfortunately Ryan, went instantly."

A decade later, she feels justice was not served. Wendy said the vehicular manslaughter charges were dropped against the driver.

"Of course I also think of the woman who did this, and other than losing Ryan the thing that hurt me more was that she received a $1,000 fine, so she got off," said Sauer.

As Ryan's 18th birthday approaches, she explained she leans on the support of her son Richie, her family and the Berkeley Springs community.

"This community is just so good to me," said Sauer. "I have made so many good friends and so many good people and yes I love my family, but the people in this community are just amazing."

On this patriotic weekend that she said Ryan loved so much she reminds parents to cherish every moment with their children.

"Please watch your children, just watch your children," said Sauer. "Don't get so involved in your phone or your tablet or whatever is in your laptop; your children are number one, they can't be replaced," said Sauer. 

WHAG reported in 2004 that the driver was trying to take off her shoes while driving, causing her to run off the road. She was not intoxicated and due to different witness testimonies, three of the five charges were dropped.

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