Washington County school negotiations taken to a higher administration

The Board of Education and Teacher's Association filed for an impasse


The Washington County Board of Education and  Teacher’s Association have come to a stand still with their negotiations, forcing them to go to a higher board for a decision.

Neither the Board of Education or Teacher’s Association was available for comment on Friday, but their joint statement released Thursday says they recently agreed to file a request for "determination of impasse" form to the State of Maryland Public School Labor Relations (PSLR) Board.

The determination of impasse file was submitted on June 29, 2017, after 16 negotiation meetings between the two groups over the last nine months.  On the table is the entire teacher’s negotiated agreement, including salary.

Acording to the PSLR’s official website, any controversy or dispute between public school boards and workers for the public school will be decided by the PSLR board.

The joint statement also explains that the PSLR board will evaluate the situation presented by the two sides and provide guidance for the next steps.

The process is completely confidential, but once an agreement is reached, a public announcement will be jointly made at an open meeting of the board of education.

The PSLR board's website says after a decision is made, either party can appeal in a higher court.

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