Washington County Public Schools opens up over 700 full-day pre-k slots

In total, 785 students will be enrolled in the pre-k program

HAGERSTOWN, Md. - Pre-k students at several Washington County Public Schools will now have the opportunity to attend a full day of school opposed to the traditional half day.

Emma K. Doub, Lincolnshire and Williamsport now have full-day slots to provide students with more opportunities for social and emotional development. 

Children from lower income households will be accepted into the program first, but if more slots are available, other families can enroll. 

WCPS officials said kids who attend their pre-k program are more likely to be kindergarten ready. 

"We know that our programming is working in our public school pre-k, so expanding those programs and opportunities, we're hoping will increase kindergarten readiness and then further grades as well,” said Dr. Stacey Henson, Coordinator for Early Learning, WCPS. 

Because many of these students are four-years old, officials said they allow for nap time.

In total, 785 students will be enrolled in the pre-k program. 

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