UPDATE: Medical marijuana dispensary opens doors in Allegany County

Officials say they will eventually offer cooking classes and seminars

CUMBERLAND, Md. - Medical marijuana dispensaries are making their way to Maryland, and the largest one in the state has just opened their doors in Cumberland.

The Allegany Medical Marijuana Dispensary has made it to the finish line, finally opening their doors to the public.

Officials said they have created a medical environment with pharmacists on site to help patients looking to use cannabis for health treatment.

“The last thing we would want is for someone to be embarrassed of using medical marijuana. Medical marijuana has been proven to treat many medical conditions and help improve a patient’s quality of life tremendously,” Dr. Sajal Roy, CEO and Clinical Director, Allegany Medical Marijuana Dispensary, said.

From bud to processed oils, capsules and patches, medical marijuana can be used to treat things like chronic pain, insomnia and more.

Officials said they are ready to provide options and as much information as possible to patients.

“Without having the education, you can’t learn. You can’t be accepting of other possibilities, and we want to spend a lot of time making sure that our population has the answers they need,” Dr. Roy said.

They even have an app that can help choose what medical marijuana you need for your condition.

“We want to be able to help those patients live a normal life. We want to help them transition off their medications, and one of the biggest impacts is that maybe we can decrease the opioid community,” Dr. Roy said.

The dispensary has not received their inventory to give to patients yet, but patients can already come in and register.

“I’m excited to see the patients come through the door, and I’d love to hear their stories after they’ve gotten their medical cannabis, and I hope they’re feeling a lot better and that their quality of life has improved,” Dr. Roy said.

One-hundred and two dispensary licenses were awarded, but only six have made it to the end.

Officials hope to get their inventory by December.

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