The 10th annual Frederick Community Fair helped hundreds of locals seeking health care

Frederick Memorial Hospital provided more than 10 different health screenings

Frederick, MD - The Asian American center of Frederick and the Frederick regional health system provided health access to the Frederick community.

"They like the fact that it’s so diverse and the hospital provides all the screening services. It’s a wonderful community event to talk about prevention," Elizabeth Chung, of the Asian American Center of Frederick, said.

Many were there to find better resources because health officials say there is a health disparity.

"I came in mainly just for a flu shot but I was told there was all these other free services,” Kyle Clem, a health fair participant said.

"The barriers can just be no insurance. It can be the culture, the language, they don’t get access to checkups," Chung said.

Kyle Clem was one of hundreds of people who came to check all the services they are providing.

"I don’t have any real way of accessing that care easily so I felt like this was a good opportunity to figure out where I can get myself a primary care physician," Clem said.

FMH has over 60 volunteers. They provided screenings for bone density, mammograms, and HIV. They had management teams offering resources to patients.

Frederick memorial hospital plays a big part in the community health fair they have over 10 booths to meet the need of people in the community.

"Help people get the access to the care that  they need after they get a diagnosis we found previously that if you knew that you that you had high glucose or cholesterol is because you have no place to go," Dr. Rachel Mandel, the FML Assistant VP of medical Affairs, said.

"there’s many people who are unemployed or under employed, uninsured and underinsured, homeless and this is an opportunity to reach out to them with free care," Geoff Seidel, Frederick Community Health Fair Volunteer Coordinator, said.

Health officials say they will follow-up as needed to make sure those who need care will be connected with proper resources.

There were over 70 vendors at the fair.

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