Military truck donation helps with flooding rescues in Washington County

SHARPSBURG, Md. - The Potomac Valley Fire Company has been able to help with residents battling the flooding thanks to a new truck that as donated to them.

Potomac Valley Fire Station received a military truck from the Maryland Forestry over the winter. It was this donation that made a huge difference in protecting residents during the severe flooding.

"We wouldn't have been able to perform our initial rescues that we did during the actual first part of the storm. And as far as accessing some of the areas that were blocked off. We couldn’t have got in with any other vehicle," Roger Otzeoberger, Potomac Valley Fire Chief said.

Before this, the department didn't have anything larger than small 4-wheel drive vehicles, but the elevation and size of the truck allows them to maneuver through hard to reach areas that they would not have been able to reach otherwise.

"We also wanted a vehicle that was capable of traversing high water in case we need to evaluate people, kind of like what we're dealing with people right now with the storms that we've had move through," Otzeoberger said.

The area has experienced similar flooding several years ago but not to this extent.

"We always knew the potential was there. We're a very remote area. And we're cut off and we have adverse conditions that we need to get through at times," Otzeoberger said.

The department plans to also put a plow on the truck for the winter time.

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