Hagerstown Pride adds wine and beer to the celebration this year

The annual celebration of the LGBTQ community has grown


Pride can have a different definition based on who you ask.

Saturday in Hagerstown, more than a thousand people lined Potomac Street in Downtown Hagerstown to celebrate LGBTQ+ Pride.

The 6th Annual Pride Festival in Hagerstown was for members of the LGBTQ+ Community and their allies to celebrate and recognize the struggle for freedom of choice in America.

“Historically, June is known as Pride Month because of…the Stonewall Riots. But because there are so many pride events, it’s now spanning into July,” said a festival organizer, Todd Garnand.

The Hagerstown Hopes Organization was behind the planning of the event that spanned over two city blocks and this year they were able to offer something totally new to festival attendees.

Because of the festival’s size, they were able to gain a Street Festival liquor license which helped bring in more revenue.

“We’re able to incorporate breweries, wineries as well as restaurants on the perimeter so it really gives a larger opportunity to get a lot more local businesses involved,” said Garnand.

Amidst the singing, dancing and celebrating, there were several speeches given by local lawmakers in support of the LGBTQ community and their cause.

Garnad says that for him the support from all over makes him feel as though Pride is a special version of Thanksgiving.


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