Camping trailer stolen from Smithsburg-area Boy Scout troop

The trailer housed invaluable items needed for camping trips

SMITHSBURG, Md. - An empty lot now sits in the spot where Boy Scout Troop 62 kept its prized camping trailer.

"I don't know what brings you to a point where you steal from children. I hope whoever did it finds help, because they clearly need it,” said Jeff Hartney, scout master.

"That has all of the stuff in it that we need to actually camp,” said Connor Callahan, Troop 62 scout.

It's common for scout leaders to take the trailer home over the weekend for cleanings, so, when it was missing from the lot, no one was too concerned. 

By the time troop leaders realized that the trailer was gone on Tuesday night, it was too late. All that was left of the trailer was its hitch lock.

"They had to break the hitch off of the trailer. So, they definitely [were] in depth into this, and they were actually looking into stealing it,” Connor said. 

"I don't know what the price is for used camping equipment. It can be that much, but to replace it all at one time is a financial burden on the troop,” Hartney said. 

The trailer housed invaluable items needed for camping trips like tents, stoves and 20-pound propane tanks.

"It's been with the troop for 15, 20 years. So, there are a lot of memories [and] a lot of camp outs,” Hartney said. 

"It kind of has all of our stuff in it. So, I don't know how we're gonna go camping anytime soon,” said Nick Bono, Troop 62 scout.

The theft will likely cause the troop to miss an annual winter camping trip near the end of January, but scouts are still holding out hope that something or someone will turn up.

The Boy Scouts logo, troop number and a dedication to a first-class scout who passed away are all featured on the body of the trailer.

"If you see it, you'll know it,” Connor said. 

If you see or hear anything about Troop 62's trailer, you're asked to call the Washington County Sheriff's Office at (240) 313-2100.

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