Berkeley Co. Primary Election Results Show Several Close Races


BERKELEY COUNTY, W.Va. - Election results came in quickly Tuesday night in Berkeley County, where several races were won by just a few votes. That includes a win by 17-year-old high school student Saira Blair.

Blair appears to be the winner of the 59th district race for the House of Delegates. According to unofficial results, the high school student managed to unseat incumbent Larry D. Kump by just 144 votes.

"It’s wonderful,” said Blair. “I really love the idea that I can potentially be a role model for not only the youth around my area but all across the state."

Although he did not come out on top, Kump says he is thankful for the four years he has served and for the support he has received throughout the years.

"I think everybody has a right to win,” said Kump. “Voters win when they have a choice so makes no difference to me the age."

Another close contest was the 60th district race for the House of Delegates. In an unofficial vote count of 469 to 459, it appears Larry Faircloth beat Gary Kelley by a slim margin.

Patrick Murphy had the most votes for the Board of Education race according to unofficial results. He'll be one of three candidates to move on to the November election.

Overall, Berkeley County officials say election day went smoothly.

"The day went very smooth,” said Bonnie Woodfall, Berkeley County Chief Deputy Clerk. “It wasn't a big turnout and we had hoped for a lot more but it did go smooth."

Voter turnout in Berkeley County on primary election day was about 10 percent.

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