Young entrepreneur launches pop-up virtual reality arcade in FSK Mall

FREDERICK, Md. - There are pop up shops and bars, but a local college student, Timm Johnson, who is just 20 years old used what he loved most and created a pop up arcade.

"These new virtual reality headsets were coming out and they looked really awesome, and I was thinking there’s no way I would pay to get one of those myself, but I would pay just to try that, so I started thinking, and I thought, 'hey, maybe other people would pay to try it too'" said Timm Johnson, founder of Key Virtual arcade.

The virtual reality arcade has 4 different themes. 

"It’s different since its virtual reality. You actually have to do whatever you’re doing inside of the headset. You’re actually doing in real life, so it’s kind of interesting" said John White, Key Virtual gamer.

Timm is making a career out of the virtual reality world and even though he hasn’t broke even, he says he has a ways to go.

"Technology is going to be a lot bigger in the future, and I want to give people a great first impression on it" says Johnson.

Timm says the virtual reality arcade will last a month and depending on how it goes, he might just pop up somewhere around the four state regions.

You can find Key Virtual pop up arcade in Francis Scott Key Mall. 

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