The Asian American Center of Frederick helps immigrants succeed

AACF helps with community needs

FREDERICK, Md. - When it comes to learning English as a second language in Frederick County, the Asian American Center of Frederick has made a serious effort to help.

"If foreigners...immigrants are coming to this country, we act as a place for them to come and prepare themselves in order to be properly integrated into the American system, to know their way around and positively contribute to society,” said Asian American Center of Frederick’s integrated services program Manager, Dr. Matthew Nimpson. "When they come here, we teach them from the very basic aspect of the English language, and carry them up gradually. We are very suitable for this because our classes are all year round.”

Dr. Nimpson says the program caters to the general public, as well as immigrants who are trying to get their citizenship. He added that the classes prepare students for the work force by improving their English speaking skills.

"Whether to improve to make them more capable at their job site and being able to fluent in the language, or whether they want to continue with any further education,” said Dr. Nimpson.


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