Sea of sunflowers begins to bloom

Maryland's Department of Natural Resources takes pride in brand new attraction

Poolesville, Md. - Nature lovers are making their way to the Poolesville area this month to get an eye full of a very special sight that is just now beginning to bloom.

At the Mckee Beshers Wildlife Management Area, a brand new feature is taking shape, 30 acres of sunflowers, planted across 9 fields by Maryland’s Department of Natural Resources.

"It is beautiful,” said Montgomery County resident Patty Shieh. “My husband wants to take pictures, photography and so i thought this would be a great place for him to get some great pictures, maybe some photos of the family. It's just beautiful here."

Photographers got their shots by land and air as several of these drones took to the skies and crisscrossed the field with their aerial cameras.

Like a vision straight out of the Wizard of Oz, the field is certainly a unique sight for many environmentalists and curious residents who have come to check it out.

"I found out about it on Instagram,” said photographer Minnie Zdanis. “I saw a lot of people posting pictures and it looked like a really pretty place to come to take pictures because I personally love photography. It's one of my favorite hobbies so i thought it'd be cool to come out."

From exploring to picnicking, dozens of families have already taken the time to make special memories in and around the sea of sunflowers.

The sunflowers aren't just for decoration either.

They will soon become a valuable food source for the areas local wild life.

Some of the plants can and have already sprouted up to nearly 6 feet tall.

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