Officials team up for Women in Leadership Build Day

Their house is set to be completed by this fall

BRUNSWICK, Md. - Habitat for Humanity and Frederick County Chamber of Commerce hosted a "Women in Leadership Build Day," where volunteers worked to build houses for those in-need.
The Women Build Project is comprised of a team of women who fundraise and volunteer their efforts through construction.
"It’s about empowering women to take a physical step and changing someone’s life for the better and addressing poverty housing through the nation," said Bethany Miller, Director of Development/Marketing, Habitat for Humanity.
These women are building a house to help a family go from homelessness to home-ownership.
"When this home is complete, they will enter into an affordable mortgage home purchase opportunity,” said Miller.  
Volunteers started working on the house in May.
"Volunteers [are] here just about every week, sometimes multiple times a week, and they’re responsible for a lot of what you see here today," said Miller.
The project is set to be completed this fall.
“As part of the National Women Build Week, it's very heartening to see that women, not only those who may have some experience in the trade, but also those women, who we saw here today that didn’t even know what the tools were that we were using,” said Kelly Schulz, Secretary of Maryland Department of Labor.
Volunteers said bringing the community together to help a family was inspirational to all.
"To be able to see the final product and know that it’s going to go to be able to secure the house for a well deserving family is inspirational to all of us," said Schulz.
Frederick County Executive Jan Gardner also took part in building the home. 

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