Maryland residents tackle damages of week's storm, flooding

Some residents created their own pump systems to drain basement flooding

FREDERICK, Md. - For Robert Christian Woehrle, Tuesday night's storm of pounding rain was a wakeup call to get to work saving his Brunswick home that sits just behind stream.

"The water was rising so much that it was almost coming close to the actual bridge structure, so I was thinking we were actually going to have to have our flood insurance get active. So I was very proactive after the storm because of that," explained Brunswick homeowner, Robert Christian Woehrle.

Woehrle says the flooding reached just under the bridge, but some rain managed to collect in his basement almost five feet deep.

Instead of calling for help, he made a trip to a hardware store to create a solution that would endure continued rainfall.

"We got a sump pump almost the day after. We have this corrugated plastic that we use to attach to the actual piping for the sump pump to get the large amounts of water out first, before we changed it to a smaller pipe," Woehrle said.

The pump continues to push out water from his basement and into the stream.

With continued rain in the forecast, Woehrle is hopeful and ready to problem-shoot any difficulties with the pump.

"I’m hoping it's not going to be that bad, but I’m trying to program myself to be proactive if it does get bad,” said Woehrle.

"We’re lucky the water hasn't gotten into our house, but it's been slowly progressing up towards our property,” said Serena Armstrong of Knoxville.

This stretch of Sandy Hook Road sits in Washington County, just beside the Frederick County border.

Armstrong says the road has been submerged since Wednesday as a result of clogged storm drains.

Public works officials confirm this and say a crew has been by, but the drains remain clogged.


Neighbors here aren't just sitting by.


"We just pulled together as a community to and we're trying to open the drains ourselves. And to try to get everything moving and hopefully that it'll clear up. And with the rain coming, that they clear the drains so it'll be able to handle what's flowing off the mountain,” Armstrong said.  


A state of emergency has been issued in and around the sandy hook road area of Washington County.


Frederick County has also issued a local state of emergency, effective Thursday at 8pm.

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