Organization expands to Frederick to help with landlord, tenant issues

The Spanish Speaking Community of Maryland, Inc. helps with translations

FREDERICK, Md. - An organization that expanded from Montgomery County to Frederick said they are seeing a growing issue, and they said, in some cases, it's due to a language barrier when it comes to living arrangements.

Officials with the Spanish Speaking Community of Maryland, Inc. said they have seen a high volume of cases, where some tenants feel like they're possibly being treated unfairly by their landlords or need help translating their lease terms in different languages to better understand it.

"There are times when living conditions for low income families are not the most appropriate ones. They can create health issues. There can be pipes that are leaking. There can be holes in the wall, and things of that nature, that either the tenant has not reported or the tenant reported to the landlord. They have not been fixed for several reasons,” said Spanish Speaking Community of Maryland, Inc., Executive Director, Maria Herrera.

The organization said they are there to help bring those issues to light and find a resolution.

They recently expanded to the Frederick area from Montgomery County due to the high demand in services they offer to the community.

"We've been in Montgomery County for over 45 years. We have been serving that community and found that there were a lot of clients coming from the Frederick area, Hagerstown, West Virginia [and] Pennsylvania,” added Herrera.

They said the landlord and tenant issues they handle are sometimes due to a simple language barrier.

"One of the things we try to do is try to be a liaison between tenant and landlord, and what I mean by that is that we actually come in, we actually understand what the tenant is requesting, we actually set up a meeting with the landlord, and then, we are able to articulate what the needs are,” said Herrera.

The Spanish Speaking Community of Maryland, Inc. said their goal is to help promote self sufficiency by working with different members in the community, they said their doors are open to anyone.

To learn more about the Spanish Speaking Community of Maryland, Inc., visit their website

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