Local Dunkin' Donuts opposes $15 dollar minimum wage

Passing of the wage increase would force elimination of 130 full-time jobs

MONTGOMERY COUNTY, Md. - As the Montgomery County Council prepares to vote on a minimum wage bill Tuesday, local businesses are weighing in, including one nearly everyone is familiar with.

Luis Group Management, LLC owns 14 Dunkin’ Donuts in Montgomery County, employing 300 workers, 75 percent of which are full-time.

Franchisee Boris Lander expressed his concern for hiking the minimum wage in a letter to Council President Roger Berliner.

He told Berliner if the wage jumps to $15 dollars, 130 full-time jobs would need to be eliminated, and the Gaithersburg production facility would be shut down.

Furthermore, current work to open five new stores in the county would cease.

Tuesday, the council will first vote on whether to pursue a study on the bill's economic impact; if that is defeated, council members will vote on the bill itself.

This comes after phasing in Bill 27-13, which increased the minimum wage over the last several years.

Starting this July, the wage will jump to $11.50.

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