UPDATE: 'The Ranch' appoints new executive director

Officials say that there are 20 men currently participating in the rehab program

FREDERICK, Md - For more than 42 years, The Ranch in Frederick has been helping at-risk and troubled youth, and now, the addiction and treatment facility is under new leadership to help the community battle today's substance abuse issues.

What was once known as the Maryland Sheriff's Youth Ranch has been changed to simply The Ranch.

“You have to go at them completely differently than you do for just adolescents,” said Executive Director, The Ranch, Korey Shorb. 

After closing for a full year, the drug and alcohol addiction treatment facility is focusing on men over the age of 18. 

“I have a huge passion because of my background, and I can relate to these guys,” continued Shorb. “I know what it is like to be down and out, have no hope and feel like you are never going to have a life."

After Shorb's own battle with drugs and alcohol and becoming a resource to the Frederick community, he is now leading The Ranch as their executive director, overseeing day-to-day operations. 

His first order of business was to change their "youth" model. 

“We have to get away from that. These are grown men, and we have to teach them [accountability]. We need to teach them responsibility," he said. 

Shorb said a main focus for those in the program will be focusing on treatment, addressing their substance use disorder and connecting them with therapy.

Currently, officials said that there are 20 men participating in the program. They said by revamping some of the programs, they hope to double the number in the future. 

This is just the beginning for The Ranch and Shorb, as both passionately committed to help the community. 

"[We look to] just listen to them, go shoot some baskets with them or meet them and build a rapport with them,” stated Shorb. “I do not like sitting behind a desk and talking to people, because it gives them - [there] is just something about it. We are heading in the right direction."

The Ranch will offer a partial hospitalization program for men and women and intensive outpatient therapy for adults and adolescent boys and girls.

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