Frederick County Human Trafficking Task Force continues work to help victims

Council member Fitzwater is working on introducing legislation

FREDERICK, Md. - Maryland ranks 13th in the nation for most sex trafficking cases, and in Frederick County, Maryland one task force is taking what they learned and helping victims. 

It has been over a month since the Frederick County Human Trafficking Task Force released their final report regarding the multi-billion dollar industry hitting across America. 

“Members of the task fore have been working on implementing some of the recommendations of the report,” said Council member Jessica Fitzwater. Fitzwater sponsored a solution in November 2016 to create the task force. 

One recommendation included in the report was developing a multidisciplinary response team; one that Sgt. Alcorn with the Frederick Police Department is a part of. 

“We decided that these survivors, these victims, need help now,” said Sgt. Alcorn. 

The group of first responders, those who deal with the victims, people from the local hospital and support groups will know exactly what to do especially late at night when they those services are the hardest to find. 

“We decided as a group that we are not going to wait for an official word to come down,” continued Alcorn. “We are going to sit down  and come up with a plan to say this what needs to happen when we come in contact with a human trafficking survivor." 

According to the Frederick Police Department, there were nine cases of human trafficking in 2017. Some of those cases are closed and some are still open. But in 2018, there are two cases that the police department is working. 

Sgt. Alcorn says that the department receives ten to twelve tips or cases a year that could potentially be human trafficking cases. 

“That is just the cases we know about, that is not the ones that we do know about,” said Sgt. Alcorn. 

Currently Councilmember Fitzwater is working on introducing legislation to help combat human trafficking. 

She is not sure exactly when she will announce what legislation she is currently working on.

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