Frederick County BOE approves finalized redistricting plan for Butterfly Ridge

FCPS officials say the new plan will impact about 1,200 students

FREDERICK, Md. - The Frederick County Board of Education recently approved the finalized redistricting plan for the brand new Butterfly Ridge Elementary School.
“The plan moves about 1,200 students in the surrounding area. Butterfly Ridge is pulling from elementary schools that surround it, so about five elementary schools in the area are impacted,’ said Frederick County Public Schools Director of Communications Michael Doerrer.
Six-year-old Isabella Ramirez attends Waverly Elementary School, which is one of the five elementary schools that will be impacted by the final redistricting plan. Her mother Jenny said although she understands that what's being done is best for the students, she said it will be somewhat of an inconvenience.
"How they're going to get affected emotionally [is a mjor issue],” said Waverly Elementary School parent Jenny Ospina de Ramirez.
It even hits home for FCPS Director of Communications Micheal Doerrer.
"I'm a parent who's impacted by the redistricting. My students are in that area, [and] one of my children will be pulled to a different school in the area,” added Doerrer.
However, Doerrer said the new plan will benefit the heavily populated area.
"It's hard-moving schools. It's hard for any parent when their child has to move schools, but thinking about the big picture [and] thinking about community needs, this is really best for the entire community; it's best for all students in the county,” said Doerrer.
Construction for the new Butterfly Ridge Elementary School has already begun, and FCPS officials said more than 700 students are expected to attend when they open their doors in Fall of 2018.
"This plan was long in the making. We held many public meetings and got input from the community about how the redistricting should look. The board went through a lengthy process,” added Doerrer.
FCPS officials said the new Butterfly Ridge Elementary School will open at about 99 percent of it's capacity.

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