UPDATE: Diverse Board of Aldermen heads into office for City of Frederick

The City of Frederick's inauguration ceremony will be held on Dec. 14

FREDERICK, Md. - The City of Frederick is preparing to see new faces in office after Election Day, and some are calling this past election special. 

The general election has created quite the buzz around the city, where residents voted for mayor and five board to aldermen positions, in which Democrats swept the ticket. 

“We approached our campaigns as one cohesive team, and that is how we want to govern as well,” said Roger Wilson, Frederick Board to Aldermen elect. 

In documents from the Frederick County Board of Elections, results showed elections that date back to 1969, however, there was not one election that showed a clean sweep. 

"It is great that you have a lot of commonalities amongst each other, but also, I think it is great that you have also a lot of people, who are individualistic in terms of expressing their concerns or expressing their ideas,” said another Frederick Board of Aldermen elect, Derek Shackelford. 

Not only did the Democrats sweep the ticket, but in the process, they elected a diverse board of aldermen. Roger Wilson and Derek Shackelford, both African Americans, will serve on the board. 

According to reports, the last African American to be elected to the Board of Aldermen for the City of Frederick was William Hall. He was elected back in 1998 and held his position for two terms. Other African Americans who served on the board of aldermen include Claude R. Delauter Jr. from 1974-1982 and William O. Lee. from 1986-1994.  

"In a way, we are now taking what they did and taking it forward,” continued Wilson. 

While election might be over, both officials said they are ready to get to work. 

"[We hope] to keep the door open a little wider and make the bridge a little longer, so others may be able to cross and have the opportunity as well,” continued Shackelford. 

The City of Frederick's inauguration ceremony for its 62nd administration will be on Dec. 14.

The upcoming administration includes Mayor-elect Michael O'Connor, Donna Kuzemchak, Kelly Russell and Ben McShane. 

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