Cold weather impacts local restaurant

During the winter months, the crab shack would typically get three to four boxes

EMMITSBURG, Md. - This winter has brought some of the coldest temperatures not only hitting the north, but also the south. This has caused many seafood businesses to have some of their slowest days. 

If you are from Maryland, the sound of a cracking crab can be one your favorites; but this winter it has not been easy for seafood businesses. 

“This is just an unusual couple weeks with the weather because I can remember last year it was not like this,” said Robert Harne. 

For over 20 years, Robert and Robin Harne have been in the crab industry which led to them opening Rube's Crab Shack seven years ago. 

“We are very particular here about our crabs,” said Robin. “We stemmed everything fresh. We do not pre-cook our crabs." 

They said because of the cold weather down south, there are no good crabs coming up north which has caused business to slow down.

“This is the first time this has ever happened to us,” said Robert.  “We usually have crabs, not a lot because of the winter time; but, we would have crabs." 

During the winter months, the crab shack would typically get three to four shipments a week until now. 

Robert and Robin said around this time last year, they were getting around 40 boxes of crabs, but this year, not one.  

And just to see exactly what is happening with Mother Nature, we brought in our WDVM’s own meteorologist, Adam Rutt 

"There are several species of crabs that become inactive once the water gets as cold as about 50 to 55 degrees, so you get that cold water in place and you do not get the crabs to get active, so you can not catch them,” said Rutt. 

While Rube's Crab Shack waits for warmer weather, they hope it comes around soon. 
Rube's Crab Shack has been letting people know over the phone and through social media of when there crabs will be back in stock.

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