Cardin meets with refugee advocacy groups to discuss Trump's travel ban

HIAS is an international, Jewish, nonprofit, based on protecting refugees

SILVER SPRING, Md. - Maryland's U.S. senators remain unmoved and unimpressed by President Trump's revised travel ban, which would block citizens of now six countries from entering the U.S. and reduce the number of refugees admitted into the country.
"It is aimed at trying to make America no longer the leader in the world efforts to help people that are in distress by holding up our refugee program,” said Senator Ben Cardin, Maryland (D).
Sen. Cardin discussed ongoing litigation opposing the executive order with local leaders, some of whom are currently involved.
HIAS is an international, Jewish, nonprofit, based on protecting refugees.
Its headquarters were relocated to Silver Spring last year.
"We think it's really appropriate for a 130-year old refugee organization to be based here in Montgomery County because of the history and tradition of welcoming refugees and immigrants here,” said Melanie Nezer, Vice President of Policy and Advocacy for HIAS.
Just before the travel ban ensued, HIAS pushed a judge in Maryland to issue an injunction on part of the executive order.
"It was encouraging to see the court decision, not just in Maryland, but [in] Hawaii and in other states that have acted on this, that there is real, serious concern that what the President is doing is exceeding his authority,” said Sen. Cardin.
One thing Sen. Cardin and President Trump can agree on is the need for immigration reform, however, Sen. Cardin said that decision should be made in Congress.

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