UPDATE: Deceased body found in woods ruled apparent homicide

Two hunters discovered the body

FREDERICK, Md. - Maryland State Police announced on Wednesday that the death of a 19 year-old man near Frederick has been ruled an apparent homicide. 

Police are investigating what could have lead to the death of 19 year-old Gennady Errigo.

“They are thinking there is more information out there that can certainly help close this case,” said Spokesperson, Maryland State Police, Elena Russo. 

The investigation began when two hunters discovered the victim, Gennady Errigo, along a woods line of a farm in the 9300-block of Liberty Road. 

Errigo was also identified as one of Frederick Police Department's Most Wanted in May 2017.  

"The cause behind this death is still part of the active and ongoing investigation,” continued Russo. 

Police are now asking if anyone saw the victim from Thursday, Oct. 19 through Sunday, Oct. 22, and they said that info could help investigators in the case. 

Police were unable to say what, if any, injuries the victim might have had. 

“We are reaching out to the public for any information on his last whereabouts and start talking to more people, who know this individual, that hopefully will help them get a little closer to finding the suspect in this case,” stated Russo. 

Maryland State Police are currently investigating all leads. Anyone with information is asked to call them at (301) 600-4150. 

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