Garden time at the Clampetts

By Barbara Kessler
Green Right Now

The bunnies are bountiful in our backyard this year; they’re large and prolific. They’re rabbits.

So it was with an eye out for trouble that we installed the garden this past weekend. This is a second veggie garden, which we put in to test the Evo Organics handy-dandy Weed Free Garden Watering Blanket.

This intriguing product claims to block out weeds (the blanket covers the ground, like mulch only better) while supplying the plants with an efficient, water-conserving, drip-line irrigation system.

I’ll admit, I’m really sucked in by the promise of no weeds and significantly reduced water use (up to 80 percent less water according to the package claims) but leery. Drip line irrigation is more efficient, but this much more? We’ll find out. I’d be happy with a 50 percent reduction.

So now, if the bunnies don’t like tomato and pepper leaves (I don’t think they do, but please send email if you know otherwise) Jed and me’ll be growin’ some food for the young ‘uns. We’ve planted Romas, some other tomato varieties, some Mexican peppers and bell peppers. And we’ve got room to grow in this 8 x 10 foot patch.

I’ll update you as we go. And we’ll talk with the Evo Organics folks. The installation was not difficult by the way; the hose line slipped out of the blanket once or twice, causing Jed to mutter under his breath and stomp off briefly. But after threading the hose back through, it was smooth going. Really. A piece of cake. Here are the pictures:

First step, begin with a ph test (this comes with the Evo Organics kit). Ours found that the clay soil was ok, acid-wise. So we didn’t amend anything.

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