FCPS Launch School Bus Notification System and App


FREDERICK, Md. - Frederick County Public Schools are the first in the entire state to launch a new high-tech bus notification system to let parents and students know about delays.

Parents have recently been calling FCPS to complain about their children waiting out in the cold for a delayed bus, but those at FCPS hope their innovative idea makes that a thing of the past.

"Starting next Monday, Frederick County Public Schools is going to implement the bus notification system. That's going to be a resource on our website, a page and a table that will give parents real time information," said Brandon Oland, FCPS web experience coordinator.

The school bus notification system will also be available as a new app.

"This will help you look and see when your child is calling you to say, 'My bus isn't here yet,' you'll be able to see online when your bus will be there," said Ann Kellington, a parent.

The notification system will show the bus number, whether it is a morning or afternoon bus, the length of the delay, and the school or schools affected. Bus delays will be shown on the website and app if they're 15 minutes or longer.

"We're in the digital age. It's all about having access to information in real time. Frederick County Public Schools want to be at the forefront of that and make hat our parents and families have access to the information they need when they need it," said Michael Doerrer, FCPS spokesman.

You can see the links to download the mobile app click here, and you can check out the bus notification site by clicking here.

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