Father to Not Face Charges After Accidentally Shooting Daughter

FREDERICK COUNTY, Va. - A local father who mistook his daughter for an intruder inside the home and shot her, sending her to the hospital, will not be facing any charges, according to the Office of the Commonwealth's Attorney for Frederick County.

Officials said the decision was made following a comprehensive investigation by the Frederick County Sheriff's Office.

They determined there is no evidence upon which to base any criminal charges against the father, identified as Deputy Easton McDonald with the Loudoun County Sheriff's Office, related to the accidental shooting on Tuesday, August 12. 

As we've reported, McDonald believed his daughter had been in her room asleep for several hours. He was unaware that she had left the house about two hours prior to meet a friend nearby.

This explanation was corroborated by McDonald's daughter, who is still hospitalized recovering from her injuries, officials say. 

McDonald believed all family members were present and accounted for within the home, and mistakenly believed that the person attempting to enter his home through the garage was an intruder. 

Officials said his subsequent use of a lawfully possessed firearm was predicated on this mistake of fact, coupled with his desire to protect his home and family.

They said due to the apparent lack of any criminal intent on the part of McDonald, it is the position of the Frederick County Commonwealth's Attorney that no criminal charge or charges can be sustained on the available evidence.

They said should additional facts come to light in the future, this decision will be revisited.  

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