Professionals discuss the ways video games can have an impact on children's behavior

HAGERSTOWN, Md. - Playing video games can be all the rage for children these days. Some professionals say these video games can have an impact on a child's behavior.

Letting your child play video games can be all fun and games until you see that its having an impact on your their life. Experts say too much playing time can cause your child to be disconnected from the real world.

"I have children who come in for treatment and you can’t get them to talk about anything other than the game that they were playing right before they came in. They don’t know how to have a conversation anymore," Terri Lancaster, the outpatient coordinator for the Mental Health Center of Western Maryland said.

"kids struggle with delayed gratifications so that impulse to always check, always connect, always be online or playing something, can then struggle to regulate waiting and patience,” Sandra Canuto, outpatient therapist at the Mental Health Center of Western Maryland, said.

Therapists say every child is different but violent video games can sometimes cause them to be desensitized or more aggressive.

"We want kids to slow down, and think through their actions and sometimes video games can just show just instant aggression or physical reaction to anger," Canuto said.

Or even lead to a child feeling isolated but some solutions experts recommend is making sure they are playing age appropriate games and taking the initiative to play video games with them.

"The isolation that occurs when a child is playing by themselves is dramatically cut when a parent is playing with them," Lancaster said.

They say there should be a balance so video games do not interrupt a child's sleeping habits.

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